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Myppl was born to revolutionize coaching and shape the future of learning

We’re building a data-driven coaching platform based on a unique matching algorithm to foster genuine connections.


Unique matching algorithm based on deep psychological research assures successful coaching relationships. No more random picks!


Hand-picked qualified coaches and mentors focused on leading the clients on their learning and development journey.


Time-saving online system that releases both clients and coaches from the mundane job of scheduling meetings, taking notes, tracking progress, etc.

Mission & Vision & Values

In our vision of the future of work, we see a tech-empowered landscape where digital coaching fuels informed decisions, relentless learning, and collective progress, shaping an enlightened society and redefining how professionals learn.

We’re led by natural curiosity and driven by an inner spark for growth. Embracing challenges excites us, and we’re committed to continuous personal and professional development.

We’re all about honesty and transparency. Our decisions are backed by data and guided by strong ethics, ensuring trust and openness in every interaction.

We believe in the power of teamwork, diversity, and candor. We come together as a tight-knit unit, creating an inclusive environment for all and encouraging talent development.

Our goal is to uplift professionals on their journey. With mutual support and encouragement, we empower each individual to reach their true potential and contribute to the organizational design.

We’re all about building connections that span the globe. Through our accessible platform, we create a nurturing culture where lasting relationships flourish, banishing loneliness and fostering a sense of belonging.

Interested in building Myppl with us?

If you’re looking to invest in the future of learning and development, let us know.
We’re fully committed to building the best coaching platform for aware clients who know the benefits of coaching but want to do it the right way. Reach out to: tom[at]myppl.com 


Competitive advantage based on science

Myppl platform enhances online coaching through advanced psychometric matching and accessible automated processes – all while fostering a community of trusted committed coaches and ambitious reliable clients.

Core features


Give back to society with us

With Myppl, we believe in giving back to the less fortunate. Coaches have the opportunity to waive their fees in favor of less privileged clients who do not have the funds for full-fledged coaching.

Find your people

Our aim is to revolutionize the current stage of coaching and create a vibrant community of like-minded people. Building honest and fruitful professional relationships with experts from around the globe was never this easy.

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Interested in our mission? Feel free to reach out, we’re always happy to chat with like-minded people. Reach out to: tom[at]myppl.com 

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