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Forget 'left on read'. Welcome 'friends forever'.

Do you ever feel like being in touch with your close friends is getting harder and harder? It’s not you, it’s the social media. myppl is a group wellness app with personalized nudges based on psychology science, perfect for groups of close friends.

Let our app go the extra mile for you.

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Discover your group DNA

Every group is different. Get to know each other even better! Explore commonalities, find unexpected links and common interests.

Talk about moods and feelings

Forget feeling distant. Record your moods and allow others to reach out when you need them the most. Build better friendships through openness.

Forget busy schedules

Let our app help with the hassle of planning. Leave the birthday reminders to us and focus on actually matters: your friendship.

Explore positive rituals

There are infinite ways to interact with the people you care about. Get personalized recommendations of what is the best to do.

Become an early user

Do you want to become one of the first users of our application? Join us and enjoy the opportunities it brings.
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