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Getting the right personalised guidance for product leaders is hard

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Effectively drive your product, your team, and yourself into the right direction

Educational courses are helpful but not the most effective, since the context differences for product leaders are huge. With myppl, you are matched with the right vetted and motivated mentor who was in your shoes before.

Typical questions to our mentors

How do I predict and handle challenges of the maturity of my product development organisation?

How do I improve our specific product discovery process?

How do I move from a feature-team based approach to empowered product teams?

How do I navigate better my professional life and reach my full potential?

Mentor/Coach Examples


Meruzh Danielyan

Successful Founder in charge of the product at Teamable, a warm introduction and referral platform used by Spotify, Airbnb, Canva, Twitch, Coinbase, etc.


Marion Tilly

Accredited coach and mentor with a background in leadership and client services at tech product companies like Indeed and Google.


Tom Jozefacki

Led products in media, employee wellbeing and healthcare industries. Built two companies and had one successful exit.

How It Works

Monthly hourly sessions with my executive coach and my mentor helped me to initiate and successfully realise significant changes in the product strategy.

Success agent matches with the right mentor and/or coach and helps to get more value out of these relationships

Monthly hourly sessions with my executive coach and mentor/advisor helped me among others to initiate and successfully realise significant changes in the company direction, as well as to get more clarity on what to focus on and what I should stop doing.

A better mentoring experience


Mentor is there when you need them. It is possible to request the second mentor or a coach as well as to change a mentor if needed.

Smart matching

Not only a specific request, industry, role, and company size play a role but also a personality and values of a mentee and a mentor.

High quality

We can ensure high quality because we are laser-focused on product leaders at tech product companies with 20-200 employees.

AI-enhanced (coming)

Personalised recommendations on what to do to reach goals more effectively in the context of a relationship between a mentee and a mentor.

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Our solution can be paid by a company or by a product leader. The price starts at 149 USD/month and includes at least one mentoring session. 

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