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As a product leader, master challenges with tailored mentor guidance

You will be matched with the right vetted person who was in your shoes before

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How the match-making process works

Success agent matches with the right mentor and/or coach and helps to get more value out of these relationships


A better mentoring experience


Mentor is there when you need them. It is possible to request the second mentor or a coach as well as to change a mentor if needed.

Smart matching

Not only a specific request, industry, role, and company size play a role but also a personality and values of a mentee and a mentor.

High quality

We can ensure high quality because we are laser-focused on product leaders at tech product companies with 20-200 employees.

AI-enhanced (coming)

Personalised recommendations on what to do to reach goals more effectively in the context of a relationship between a mentee and a mentor.

Typical questions to our mentors

How do I predict and handle challenges of the maturity of my product development organisation?

How do I become more confident with my stakeholders?

How do I move from a feature-team based approach to empowered product teams?

How do I navigate better my professional life and reach my full potential?

Research shows that 80% of people who received mentoring/coaching reported increased self-confidence

and over 70% benefited from improved work performance, relationships, and more effective communication skills (ICF, 2009)

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Basic Plan

149$/month Starting from
  • 1:1 online session with a mentor per month (45 or 60 min)
  • Smart matching based on client's requirements and internal methodology
  • Relationship building support via prompts and feedback
  • Communication environment designed for mentorship

Pro Plan

239$/month Starting from
  • Basic Plan features
  • Additional 1:1 session with a mentor

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